GERMS welcomes Georgetown undergraduate students who hold state or national EMT certification to apply for membership.  Membership in GERMS enables Georgetown students to ride on a fully licensed ambulance crew.  GERMS provides opportunities for its members to develop their medical, leadership, and organizational skills.  Additionally, GERMS provides a unique college social environment.  GERMS build friendships with each other that last far beyond their time as undergraduates and GERMS is proud of its robust alumni network.



GERMS is able to successfully operate due to the diversity of its membership. GERMS actively solicits applications from students with backgrounds in computer science, organizational management, fluency in foreign languages, nurses, and prior EMT experience. Additionally, GERMS is an exceptional opportunity for students who are considering applying to medical school to gain clinical experience.

Each semester, GERMS admits a new class of probationary EMTs, who are affectionately known as “probies.”  Probies quickly learn about the organization’s culture and protocols as they ride shifts, participate in training exercises, and partake in social events.  GERMS has developed an integrated, multilayered mentorship system to ensure each probie has a senior member with whom he or she can ask for guidance.

There are two ways in which Georgetown students may join GERMS. Many applicants successfully complete the Emergency Medical Technician certification course offered each semester by our Department of Training. The second option is Georgetown students may obtain National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification independently and then apply to GERMS as a “reciprocity.”  When evaluating applications, GERMS heavily favors applicants with prior EMT experience, other skills that are essential to the organization’s success, and applicants who are well suited for the organization’s culture.

Applications for the next GERMS probationary class will open in November of 2016.  If you would like to receive an email notification when the application opens, please fill out this form.  Any questions regarding this process may be sent to the Director of Probationary Members.

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