Crew Chief Council (2016-2017)

The Crew Chief Council is the body ultimately responsible for GERMS operations. Crew chiefs undergo significant training and are the most experienced EMTs in the organization.

Neil Sarna (NHS ’17)


After working as an EMT for 2 years in his hometown, at the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Neil joined GERMS the Spring of his freshman year (2014). Since then he has become a driver, an Acting Crew Chief, Crew Chief, former Vice President of Operations and currently serve GERMS as the Captain. As Captain, Neil chairs the Crew Chief Council and works closely with the other Crew Chiefs and our Medical Director to ensure that our EMTs provide the best care to the highest operational standards. Aside from GERMS, Neil is involved in many other clubs with one of his favorite activities being the Club Soccer team.

Benjamin Johnson (NHS ’17)

Crew Chief

Ben is from Seattle, Washington, and joined Georgetown EMS his freshman Spring (2014). Initially, he worked in the education department, serving as Assistant Director of Training. Currently, he serves as a Crew Chief, in addition to being the Director of Probationary Members, chairing the new member selection committee and overseeing training for first semester members. Outside of EMS, he is involved with mental health advocacy on campus, working with GUSA and Project Lighthouse, and also enjoys hiking, traveling, and good food.

Alexandra “X” O’Kane (COL ’17)

Crew Chief

Alexandra O’Kane, known as X to many of her peers, is a Biochemistry major in the class of 2017.  X took the GERMS EMT course in the spring of 2014 and joined GERMS in the fall of 2014.  She has previously worked as our director of scheduling and treasurer before being elected president.  X was just recently promoted to Crew Chief and is hoping to become a driver soon too.  On campus, X is also the president of Georgetown Running Club (GRC).

Julie Hockett (COL ’17)

Crew Chief

Julie joined GERMS the spring of her Freshman year after taking the GERMS EMT training class in the fall of 2013.  Julie has previously served as our director of electronic systems, where she maintained our electronic records known as GENI.  Julie currently holds the rank of Crew Chief and mentors many of the younger members of GERMS.  Outside of GERMS, Julie is a computer science major on track to graduate in 2017.  She has also conducted linguistics and computer science research on campus.