Executive Board (2016 – 2017)

Alexandra “X” O’Kane (COL ’17)


Alexandra O’Kane, known as X to many of her peers, is a Biochemistry major in the class of 2017.  X took the GERMS EMT course in the spring of 2014 and joined GERMS in the fall of 2014.  She has previously worked as our director of scheduling and treasurer before being elected president.  X was just recently promoted to Crew Chief and is hoping to become a driver soon too.  On campus, X is also the president of Georgetown Running Club (GRC).

Neil Sarna (NHS ’17)



After working as an EMT for 2 years in his hometown, at the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Neil joined GERMS the Spring of his freshman year (2014). Since then he has become a driver, an Acting Crew Chief, Crew Chief, former Vice President of Operations and currently serve GERMS as the Captain. As Captain, Neil chairs the Crew Chief Council and works closely with the other Crew Chiefs and our Medical Director to ensure that our EMTs provide the best care to the highest operational standards. Aside from GERMS, Neil is involved in many other clubs with one of his favorite activities being the Club Soccer team.

Mark deBettencourt (NHS ’18)

Vice President of Operations

Originally from San Francisco, Mark is a sophomore International Health major in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. He joined GERMS during the second semester of his freshman year and it has been the best thing he has done with his time at Georgetown. As Vice President of Operations, Mark is in charge of our ambulances, driver training, and the other daily operational aspects of GERMS. When he is not riding shifts or doing tasks for GERMS, Mark can be found playing tennis with friends or volunteering with Project Lighthouse, Georgetown’s online peer support program.

Eleanor Fanto (COL ‘ 17)

Vice President of Staff

Eleanor is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences – a Psychology Major and Spanish Minor. She joined GERMS in Fall 2014 – the the beginning of her sophomore year. From day one as a member of GERMS, Eleanor felt incredibly proud of the organization and wanted to find a way to spread awareness about GERMS throughout the community in order to ensure that anyone suffering from a medical emergency within our boundaries would know about us, feel confident in our services, and could thus receive the optimal care we provide. Acting as Communications Coordinator during her Sophomore year and Director of Public Relations during her Junior year, Eleanor strove to increase awareness about GERMS’s services, EMT class, and CPR class; maintain supportive relationships with the campus body, coordinate our confidentiality training, and organize special projects within GERMS. Now as Vice President of Staff, Eleanor oversees the Staff Department, which encompasses all affairs concerning our members and GERMS’ connections with our surrounding community.

Simone Wahnschaftt (COL ‘ 17)

Vice President of Education

Simone joined GERMS in the spring of her sophomore year and am currently the Vice President of Education. She helps to oversee our Education department, which includes the GERMS EMT class, CPR classes open to the community, and ongoing education efforts for GERMS members. Besides her involvement in GERMS, Simone is involved in GU Medical Brigades and works at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Genevieve Lai (NHS ’18)


Genevieve Lai is a member of the Class of 2018 in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, majoring in International Health. Born and raised in Irvine, California, she first encountered GERMS when she took the EMT certification class in the Fall of 2014 and later joined the organization in the Spring of 2015. As the current Treasurer, Genevieve is in charge of handling finances for both the EMT class and the organization. Outside of GERMS, Genevieve works as a research assistant at Children’s Digital Media Center and is also part of the Students Activities Commission.

Sabrina Gugliuzza (COL ’18)


Sabrina joined GERMS in the Fall of 2015 after completing the GERMS EMT Class in Spring 2015. She ran for Secretary during her second semester in GERMS with the two goals of making the behind-the-scenes work of the E-Board more available to the general membership and preserving our history as members of this wonderful organization. When she is not in uniform, you can find Sabrina in the library fixing computers for Lau’s IT department.

Allie Strauss (NHS ’18)

Junior Member at Large

Allie Strauss is a junior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in Human Science. Hailing from Northern California, she joined GERMS in the spring of 2015 and has served as the Director of Alumni Relations and, currently, Junior Member at Large. This past spring, Allie was promoted to driver and now rides as both an 82 and 81. Outside of GERMS, Allie serves the Georgetown community as a Blue & Gray Tour Guide.

Rachel Reed (COL ’16)

Senior Member at Large

Other Elected Officials

Social Coordinators

Idanis Perez-Alvarez (COL ’17), Bobby Kelly (NHS ’18), and Mark Debettencourt (NHS ’18)

Appointed Officials under Operations

Director of Ambulance Operations

Director of Electronic Systems

Director of Driver Training

Director of Standbys

Director of Equipment

Director of Office Maintenance and Enhancement

Directors of Scheduling

Alex Theodotou (COL ’17)

Carter Boughton  (COL ’19)

Sohum Patel (COL ’17)

Yomiyou Gelata  (COL ’18)

Michael Simon (NHS ’18)

Sarah Joseph (COL ’16)

Summer and Fall: Ali Baird (COL ’19)

Spring: Lisa Ghaffari (COL ’18)

Appointed Officials under Staff

Director of Public Relations

Director of Personnel

Director of Probationary Members

Director of Second Semester Members

Director of Alumni Relations

Joshua Tobin (COL ’18)

Lucas Kaplan (NHS ’18)

Ben Johnson  (NHS ’17)

Miranda Reid  (COL ’18)

Hannah Kelly (NHS ’18)

Appointed Officials under Education

Director of Ongoing Education

Director of Recertification

Director of CPR

Director of Training

Nicholas Ng (COL ’18)

Reza Baghaee-Rezaee  (COL ’18)

George Avetian  (COL ’18)

Summer: Jupiter El-Asmar (COL’17), Fall and Spring: Alice Hayes (NHS ’17)