Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are portable devices that are capable of delivering an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs can be used by trained responders in emergency situations. To learn more about what AEDs are and how you can learn to use one, please visit the American Heart Association website or explore GERMS’ CPR/AED Certification Courses.

Georgetown University maintains AEDs throughout campus, inspected by GERMS. AEDs are located in the following locations:

Main Campus

  • Car Barn (3rd Floor)
  • Healy Hall First Floor at Gaston Hall Stairs
  • Intercultural Center (ICC) Lobby – 3rd Floor
  • Lauinger Library Lobby
  • Leavey Center Main Lobby (near GUAFSCU office)
  • McDonough Gym South Corridor
  • St. Mary’s Hall West Elevator Lobby
  • Southwest Quad Garage Lobby (across from Hoya Snaxa)
  • Village C West – 1st floor, GUPD Office
  • Village C West – 2nd floor, GERMS Office
  • Walsh Building Lobby
  • Yates Field House, Front Desk
  • Yates Field House, Pool Side

Medical Center

  • Basic Science Building Lobby
  • Building D Lobby
  • Med-Dent Building South Lobby
  • New Research Building Lobby
  • Preclinical Science Building Room LM14
  • Preclinical Science Building Ground Floor, Outside Bookstore

Off Campus University Locations

  • Alumni House Lobby
  • Whitehaven Building (1st floor)
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