The operations of Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service are overseen by the Vice President of Operations, with assisting directorships in Ambulance Operations, Equipment, Scheduling, and Electronic Systems. Three to four nationally certified EMTs are on duty at any given time, while additional crews are available for busier shifts. At a minimum, a crew is comprised of a crew officer, a driver, an assistant EMT. A second assistant EMT is usually on duty as well.

9_bThe crew officer is a role filled by either a Crew Chief or an Acting Crew Chief, the highest ranked members in the organization. In order to reach this position, crew officers must demonstrate unfaltering on-scene judgment and skills, as well as the ability to mentor younger members. The Crew Chief Council meets monthly to vote on changes to the protocols and procedures, as well as to accept or reject promotion applications. All members of the organization can also compete a driver-training course in order to become ambulance drivers.

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